THe blessing of being a coach

Hi guys! Today I am going to take you back to 2015. I was in University when my family went through a great tragedy. The first following days, I had people check on me and express moral support. After that, everybody went back to their busy lives. I had many “social media friends” at the time. You know, the ones who “like” your posts to say hello? Yeah, those. LOL. They rarely (if ever) came back to check further if I was okay, or provided support. 

In real life, I felt isolated. How could life move on when I had just been separated from someone I love ? Why was I going through this? Is anyone listening to my cry? Or is it my business to figure everything on my own? 

This was the most challenging time of my life. I had to disconnect from social media and get away. I had to embrace the struggle, keep head above water, and make difficult choices. 

Arkadelphia, Arkansas, 2016

A friend in times of need is a friend indeed

During that time, I discovered a new meaning to the word “relationship”. Relationships are a lot more meaningful in times of distress. The very few people who supported me are people I call “stars”. People who shine bright when everything around you is dark. People who went above and beyond to help me, to listen and to provide practical solutions for me to get by. 

I had a friend drive for an hour to come and cheer me up

Another friend used to call me from abroad to teach me how to better recite qur’an

My big sisters provided business opportunities for me

My neighbors invited me often to have dinner and watch TV. 

One of my professors invited me for a sleepover and a movie night at her house

In many ways, the greatness of the hardship was matched by the greatness of the blessings I was receiving. Alhamdulillah! I grew stronger in my faith, remembering to always rely on God and expect the best from Him. 

The quality of our life is measured by the quality of our relationships

Now that I am back in Cameroon, I do a lot of things to keep me busy, and I have found coaching to be particularly fulfilling. When I coach a woman on self-development, my first concern is on the quality of her relationships. 

What does her relationship with God look like?

Does she know what she truly wants out of life?

Is there any tension in her marital relationship, and if so, how can she be the first to change things?

Why is she always prioritising others and forgetting about herself?

I can recognize myself in almost every story I hear from my clients. Feeling let down. Being underestimated by others. Facing betrayal. I have experienced it in full depth and I know exactly where it hurts. What I love the most is the genuine connection I have with them. My story inspires them and lets them know that every hardship has a purpose. My words are filled with love and hope, and my energy level makes them look up and forward. Praise God. I love what I do, and I love my clients even more. 

I chose the word “habibti” (my darling), to remind every woman that she is worthy of being loved. Even when everything goes wrong. Even if the world turns its back on her. Even if she does not recognize who she is anymore. 

I am a friend, and a sister she can count on. I am a “star”, and I am blessed to help her see the many blessings that will come out of the dark times of her life. 

Today I am the happiest woman, knowing that everything I went through was preparing me for something higher. 

My name is Fatime. I am a Marketer, a blogger, a sister, and I am a transformational coach. 


Fatimé Asta, a.k.a, Rose Du Sahel

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