3 types of friends (part one)

In life, we meet different kinds of people. It’s important to know who is who in order to live fulfilling friendships. I noticed there were three types of friends and three types of enemies. I will talk about ennmies in another post.

Types of friends

The star: I talked about “stars” the other day. Stars are often our childhood friends, or the types of people we meet and feel like we’ve known forever. With time,, those friends become part of the family. They shine bright when you go through dark times in your life, and they give you practical advice when you feel down.

I’ve also noticed that “’stars” are inspirational people. When you spend time with them, they push you to raise your standards. These are true friends. When you hurt, they cry with you, and when you laugh, they are happy for you. Alhamdulillah.

Stars will tell you the truth, even if it is uncomfortable. They keep your ego in check, and you address them with humility and respect. These are the types of people you can invite at home for a sleepover! Yes, even if you’re married. LOL

We can spend months without texting each other or calling, but when we do call for a 4 hour catch up, the conversation is so interesting that we don’t want to end it! LOL

How to deal with stars: Be a star for your closest friends. Cheer them up when they face difficult times. Call their parents, Send them gifts. Attend their events, support their business intiatives. Be their number one fan. This is the type of friends that you can count on when you are starting your own project. They only want good for you.

If you are business partners with a star, make sure you ask about private life as well. Make time to talk as friends, not just as “business partners”. Don’t lose sight of the beautiful relationship you already have.

See you soon in shaa Allah!

Rose Du Sahel

2 thoughts on “3 types of friends (part one)

  1. Alvine Murielle T S says:

    Definitely agree. And typically we attract what we are! If you are a star friend, chances are you will also attract star friends!


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