3 types of friends (part two)

Some friendships are seasonal. They only last of some time, but they’re still beautiful! Here’s the second type of friend.

THE FLOWER: These are the people we meet when we join a club, an association, or when we’re working together on a volunteering project. OH MY! Those are the types of friends you can always count on when you’re hosting a party at home or a picnic! They amplify every joyful moment and bring in wonder into everyday life.

This is what I love the most with all of the associations I have attended, and my coaching clients. Most men do not understand why I prefer to hang out with girls only (I don’t have guy friends). The feminine energy is just different. 🤗❤

When the women you surround yourself with are just as genuine, kind, ambitious and hard working, nothing can stop you from reaching the skies!!!

Choose your tribe wisely

If you’re an ambitious woman, you need to select the people you spend time with more often. Not everybody energizes you. Some people spend their time complaining about life. Others love to gossip about other people, and play the victims of life.

Nope. They don’t belong in your circle.

Create a group, or join some form of club where women have common goals. Lift each other up, and celebrate each other’s wins. This is the best thing women can do for each other.

When Jeune Musulmane, our platform for young Muslim women, organized its first national picnic, the vibe was so positive and so powerful that we wanted to meet again… Alhamdulillah. 😊

On the downside, friendships with flowers don’t always last a lifetime. It is seasonal. Since you may not know the sister’s personal life or family situation, you might not be able to rely on them when you have your own personal needs. Flowers may not tell you hard truths, because they would be afraid to hurt your feelings. When you need honest advice, it is better to ask a star.

How to deal with these friends:

Flowers are delicate, so handle them with care. Use your generous and kind language to speak to them. Be an inspiration for them and work together to improve. Cheer each other up. I found it is the best medicine against loneliness! Alhamdulillah.  


Rose Du Sahel 🌹

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