3 types of friends (the end)

With some people, the relationship is straight to the point. 😉

I call this type of friends, “breezes”: These are neighbors, school mates, coworkers, etc.  Being around them is like taking a breath of fresh air, but the relationship we have with them is limited to a specific time and place.

My teammates at work are young, funny and smart. We sometimes get on each other’s nerves but for the most part, we get along. We can talk about the weather, about politics, about the news, share funny memes and videos, and sometimes, about family too.

Our objectives at work are clear so we sometimes help each other solve issues or give each other advice. I actually have a nice coworker who is mentoring me on improving my skills. We complement each other and help each other win. 😊

How to deal with a breeze:

Since the relationship starts and ends with work, make sure you have fun while it lasts, but it is okay if you don’t go the extra mile. You may or may not want to completely open up with them about your private life, and that is okay!


Rose Du Sahel 🌹

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