3 types of ennemies (part one)

We can’t talk about friendships without talking about enmity. As you guys already know, we don’t live in a world of sunshine and rainbows. Today I will introduce you to the three types of ennemies I have come across.

This article features Grumpy cat! LOL


The hater is the type of person who does not like you for no logical reason. This is the type of person who just doesn’t like your family, or your personality, or anything you set your mind to. It is easy to get caught up into the blame game: “Why does so and so dislike me? What have I done to her?” my friends, you need to understand something. People who have deep-seated hatred in their hearts are first at war with themselves. They have a lot of problems to deal with, that go unsolved for years and when they see you, they justify being evil to you because you remind them of what they are supposed to be like.

Examples: In the story of prophet Youssouf (Joseph) in the qur’an, we see that his brothers hated him although he did not do anything wrong to them. They were already people of bad character. Trying to kill Youssouf was just a manifestation of their own issues.

Watch full explanation of surah 12, the story of prophet Youssouf. Episode 5 is about haters.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpvl0Tl2_sc&list=PLutdSTmJ7bAJea-XUDooE9j3ofEMnlMrK&index=9

This is also why you will see some people at the market or in some commercial services being rude to you. They hate their own lives and what they are going through. How can they possibly be a source of joy, peace and love?

At work, haters are people who hardly say hello to you, even when you greet them. They make everything complicated for you to get, and just seem to be angry all the time.


How to deal with haters: Depending on the situation, do NOT let haters speak on your behalf, and do not become COMPLASANT with their wrong doings. Speak up and stand up for yourself. Whether they are in the family, at school or at work, find wise ways to address them and confront them with courage.


Special advice for online influencers: “Not every follower is a fan”. Know that among your 10.000 followers, you will have people who don’t like you and don’t want to see you succeed. Some will post negative comments just to enrage you, or bully you. Seek refuge with Allah from Satan and avoid entering into useless debates with them. Ask of Allah to guide them.


Rose du Sahel

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