3 types of ennemies (continued)

The Spy

Have you ever felt like you were being spied on? I know I have.  You may have stopped talking to some people, or parted ways, but they still check on you to see how you are doing. Be aware of this: they don’t necessarily do it because they care about you. When you succeed, they dislike it, and get very disappointed. When you go through difficulty, they rejoice and laugh at you. Either way, they will not openly show support or disapproval. They rarely, if ever, say hello. These are usually the type of people who “like” your posts but never say anything (and you know you might not get along well with them). Or the people who silently watch your social media stories but never reach out.

Remember: Not every follower is a fan

How to deal with spies:

The best way to deal with them is to ignore them. It may sound contradictory, but spies are checking on you because they want attention from you. They want you to check on them, they want your admiration even. Those people also have self-esteem issues. They constantly want to be the center of attention, and hate it when someone else does. Don’t feed their ego at all. Keep shining and carving your own path. God will take care of jealous people 😉

The hypocrite

I find that the word “frenemy” describes hypocrites very well. Among the 3 types of enemies, hypocrites are the most dangerous because they are two faced. In front of you, they portray themselves as if they’re supporting you. In your back, they insult you, gossip about you, and they support your haters. Hypocrites don’t check on you when you are going through hard times. They only clap for you when you succeed. Online, hypocrites are people who like your pictures and comment your posts with fake kindness.

It hurts them to see you achieving great things in life without them, because they want to know everything about your life.

Why do they act this way?

Hypocrites are also insecure about themselves. They are constantly comparing themselves to other people, and are not content with what they have.
That is the reason they will never be happy for you, and the reason you should not tell them about your private life.

How to deal with hypocrites:

Ask Allah swt to show you people who truly care about you and to protect you from people who wish harm for you. After some time, He will make it easy for you to see people’s true faces. Some hypocrites may not even realize they are being hypocrites. It is your job to hold them accountable for their deeds when you realize they are not being sincere to you. If you think there is no hope to restore trust, then delete their phone number! Your time is way too valuable to waste it on people who want to bring you down.

All right friends, this is the end of our series on friendships. Tell me, how has this helped you see things differently? What is going to be your new approach with the people you don’t trust anymore?

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Sincerely 🌹

4 thoughts on “3 types of ennemies (continued)

    1. Fadimatou Bakary says:

      Well said, Sister. 😊 .We must be careful who we share our lives with. I like this article because with the world we live in we can very quickly fall into the trap of believing that those who support us in the eyes of the world really support us. May Allah protect us from hypocrites and spies.


      1. missrosedusahel says:

        Aaamin ya Rabbi! You’re right Fadi, it takes a great sense of awareness to distinguish who is who. I am glad I have sincere friends I can share my success (and failures) with! 😀


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