Fatimé Asta
I am a mosaic of cultures

Quick story

One day, as I was jogging, and I received a call from my dad. He asked me what I was doing, and I told him I was exercising at a public park.

My dad took a few minutes to picture me, with my hijab on, running in a public park in Cameroon. Back in 2013, that was something very rare to see.

He also tried to understand how his fulani daughter, who had studied in the United States, was still wearning the veil and acting like a westerner, in Cameroon. LOL.

He then stopped trying to figure it out and said, laughing: “my daughter, you are a blend of cultures”!

I absolutely loved what he said because it defines me very well. I am a woman from Garoua, Cameroon, went to University of Douala, got a Bachelor from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nagocdoches, Texas, got an MBA from Henderson State University, Arkansas, met people from different backgrounds, and redefined myself over time.

I am a writer and artist at heart. I am expressive. I am creative. I am fulani and kotoko by culture, I am Muslim by faith.

I am usually where people don’t expect me to be. I dress in African clothes and speak english with an American accent (LOL). I can have the most profound conversation with authorities and still act silly with my little sister at home. I absorb all the good from other cultures and add it to who I am. Every day.

In this blog, I invite you to see the world through my eyes. There is much that is said about me as a Muslim woman, and so, I am deciding to rewrite the narrative and challenge you beyond your perspective.

My name is Fatimé Asta (Fatimay_ for my American people out there lol) and I am happy to have you here. 🙂


Rose Du Sahel

My sweet little things

“I come as one, but I stand, as ten thousand”

Maya Angelou